Unitized Piston Assemblies


T-Bird Machining’s Unitized PISTON assembly is a single entity comprised of a piston, bearing and seal Unitized into one assembly to meet each unique application.

Developed with the cylinder builder in mind, the Unitized PISTON simplifies the process and adds value for the manufacturer through increased productivity, improved quality and utilization of capacity.

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  • Reduces contamination
  • Enables increase in stroke
  • Reduction in overall cylinder length
  • Increased side load capability
  • Inventory reduction
  • Improved seal life
  • Reduction in piston length
  • Eliminates metal to metal contact
  • Increased bearing surface
  • Reduces stacking of tolerances


  • Increased capacity utilization
  • Reduction in warranty claims
  • Commodity cost reduction

T-Bird Machining’s Unitized Pistons are now available in two types of bearing materials. First is our premium material recommended for water glycol systems as well as standard hydraulic applications. This is the choice material where environmental issues are a consideration. Second is an industry standard glass-filled material that is offered for standard hydraulic systems. Both types share the same advantages and features stated above. Unitized Pistons were previously limited to a minimum length of 1.000”. Newly developed technology has enabled us to produce piston lengths as short as ½”. Diameters are limited in this range so please contact sales for additional information.

AFTERMARKET Unitized PISTONS – Now available to you

You can be confident – we manufacture to the exact specifications of the originals

Until now, seal distributors have not been able to provide their customers a competitively priced “all-in-one piston.” T-Bird Machining is the first and only manufacturer to offer replacement Unitized Pistons at prices that will give you the edge against other sources. T-Bird Machining is capable of providing aftermarket Unitized Piston replacements for a variety of brands at a substantial savings over dealer pricing.

Oversized pistons are also available for reworks


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