Unitized Glands Assemblies


Prevent assembly errors with the factory-installed seals in T-Bird’s new Unitized Gland. Our Patent-pending design will save you time and money with easier installation and less trouble with gland performance down the road. With our unique set up, wear material is locked in place and will never move in the system. This means wear surfaces can’t escape to cause leaks or major issues. The Unitized Gland is currently available up to an 8” OD.

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 Unitized Gland Features:

  • Made in USA at an ISO-9001 Production Facility
  • Metal parts made from high tensile & yield 1045 steel as standard (other grades available)
  • Can be configured using a wide variety of seal profiles
  • Can be configured using a variety of wiper designs
  • Wear material is high strength glass-filled compound with tight tolerances (other material options available)
  • Unique locked-in design prevents any movement of wear surfaces

Unitized Gland Benefits:

  • Unique design reduces negative impact of side loads
  • Prevents issues associated with “stack up tolerances”
  • In certain cases additional stroke length is achieved

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