Remove Stone Assemblies from Master Holders as follows:

  1. Insert Swaging Tool into slots between Stone Assembly and Master Holder; rotate tool one half (1/2) turn to separate Stone Assembly from Master Holder; then pry Assembly from Holder.
  2. Repeat for remaining Stone Assembly.
  3. Discard old Stone Assemblies. Old Stone Assemblies CANNOT be remounted.
  4. Inspect Master Holders for signs of excessive wear or damage; replace as required.


Install Stone Assemblies on Master Holders as follows:

  1. Wipe Master Holders’ mounting surface clean.
  2. Insert hollow lugs of Stone Assembly into corresponding holes in Master Holder. Assemblies MUST be firmly seated on Master Holders to prevent them from breaking loose during honing and damaging workpiece or Honing Tool.
  3. While holding Stone Assembly firmly in place on Master Holder, insert Swaging Tool in hollow lugs and rotate tool one half (1/2) turn to expand lugs and lock Assembly securely on Holder.
  4. Repeat operation for installing remaining Stone Assembly on remaining Holder.