*** OEM Part Numbers are for reference only. We DO NOT imply that these parts/kits are Original Equipment Parts ***

PART # 769C 777/773 777 C+D 785 792/789
BALL STUD 6D9908 7D1292 7D1292 8X9619 8X9620
RACE 193-3884 6M8953 274-9256 6U7959 6U7959
COVER 6D1639 7D5435 7D5435 5T6503 5T6503
NUT 1B4444 1B4445 1B4445 3J6899 3J6899
SEAL (BOOT) 8W0868 269491 283-5593 5T6809 5T6809
SNAP RING 6D1895 3S2909 3S2909 5T6667 5T6667
COTTER PIN 3B5316 3B5316

*CAT® part numbers are used for reference only. We do not imply that these replacement kits are original equipment parts.

NOTE: 785, 789 and 792 are identical except for the ball stud.