1. Thunderbird Industries
    Thunderbird Industries is a full line Hydraulic component Distributor with in stock inventory supporting in many cases, next day delivery of critical parts. Repair Kits for many OEMs are also available. Please call 800-678-6045 and speak with our highly qualified specialists about your Hydraulic needs.
  2. T Bird Machining
    T Bird Machining is your one stop source for turned or milled metal components in your hydraulic system. Whether it be intricate port blocks, end caps, clevis assemblies, pistons, or any other metal need, please call at:717-384-8362. T Bird Machining is now the new home for all Unified Piston and Gland requirements.
  3. Power Seal
    Power Seal manufactures and stocks a wide range of Vee Packings, Rod Bearings, and Wear Bands. Vee Packings are available in multiple configurations and compounds. Power Seal also is your home for any PTFE needs. Please contact our friendly staff at 248-537-1103 for your sealing requirements.
  4. JEM Seal
    JEM Seal manufacturers custom machined seals out of a full line of compounds including pure elastomers to thermoplastics. JEM Seal offers quick turnaround of parts for any emergency. JEM also has a wide range of PTFE in stock. Please call our experts at 724-265-0083 for your needs.